Thursday, February 01, 2007

Right smack in the middle of an eBay Boycott

And I list this:

This is my latest - and currently, only - auction on eBay. It is a 15 x 18 inch original oil painting, done on stretched, gallery-wrapped canvas, titled "Hydrangeas."

I took a series of photographs of the hydrangeas blooming in our yard last summer. I am fascinated by the intricate structure of the blooms, the lush, exuberant colors and the sheer size of the flowers, as well as the color contrast between the blooms and rich green leaves. I plan to do a series of paintings of this subject - this is the first.

Here is the link to the auction:

Now, why is there an eBay Boycott?

eBay has recently instituted a new protocol for auctions. Whereas, before the id's of all bidders - and therefore their feedback and history on eBay - were visible to all, now when the bidding goes over $200, bidders will only be identified by number; as in "Bidder #1," "Bidder #2," etc. eBay says they have done this to make the auction process more "secure," and to safeguard the privacy of Bidders.

There is a spirited discussion of this issue, and information about the Boycott on the Bidding Discussion Board on eBay:

A number of Buyers and Sellers believe that rather than making the auction process safer, this new protocol will foster "shill bidding" by making it impossible to detect. eBay relies on its users to help police the site - this will certainly make it harder to see if shill bidding is occurring.

A number of buyers and sellers are refusing to participate until this new protocol is changed. The boycott began today, Feb. 1, 2007 and will continue until Feb. 14, 2007, unless eBay relents.

Since I have an auction running - and one for which I paid enhanced listing fees - I cannot participate in the Boycott yet. I understand the viewpoints of the Boycotters, and hope that eBay will listen.

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