Saturday, April 26, 2008

Worldwide eBay Boycott makes this relevant...

On May 1, 2008, another Boycott of eBay will begin. So many changes, so many new problems.

Sellers with Feedback numbers under a hundred - such as myself at 63 FB/ 100% positive - will find themselves in the unreachable back of the line of listings. To eBay, the smaller Seller is not worth supporting. Although we will be paying the same fees as everyone else, we will see significantly less exposure, and therefore fewer sales.

In addition, eBay's partner PayPal will be able to put a hold on payments to smaller Sellers - for up to 21 days. Sellers are expected to ship items without having received cleared payment, or risk a Negative Feedback from Buyers. Oh...and here's the big one:

Sellers will no longer be able to leave anything but Postive Feedback for Buyers.

Here's a bit of editorial comment I did for an Art Contest on eBay a couple of months ago. It seems appropriate to post it now. (I will be finishing the next two pages in the next couple of weeks.

Since listing this for auction on eBay seems dicey right now, the only place you may be able to see it is here in my Blog.

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